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EWL Fitness Team

Montel Hill

A dedicated professional in the field of health and fitness since 2011, Montel Hill has earned a reputation an innovative and attentive coach. Montel’s love for his craft shines through while creatively motivating his clients during challenging and fun workouts that emphasize strength training, high intensity interval training, as well as flexibility and mobility exercises. The results from his workouts speak for themselves as his clients experience dramatic changes in body composition and improved general fitness.

Montel has extensive experience working with a variety of different populations, including athletes, children battling obesity, stay-at-home moms, and executives. Before joining the EWL Fitness team, Montel worked at GoKids Boston, CATZ, Fitness Together and continues to serves as the Director of Strength & Conditioning at Bill McInerney’s Golf Academy. Montel’s own work ethic in the gym was developed during his high school and collegiate years playing basketball at George Washington College and the College of Charleston.  Montel has trained under such national basketball luminaries as Buzz Braman, Dave Dupree, and Kevin McDuffie.  Montel earned his B.S. in Exercise Science at the University of Massachusetts Boston and currently lives in Randolph, MA.