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Sean McDonough ABC Sports/ESPN

"Quality strength and conditioning has become a critically important element to success on the PGA Tour. The right strength program improves driving distance, corrects potential muscle imbalances, and helps prevent injuries.  Since 2000 I have trusted Ed Lippie to develop my strength program and coach me on the proper technique on the dozens of performance enhancing exercises I do under his direction.  Working with Ed has helped me perform at a high level on the most competitive professional golf tour in the world." 

James Driscoll,
PGA Tour Professional


"I've known Ed for over a decade now.  He was instrumental in transforming me from an undersized college football player at Harvard in the late 90s to a player with NFL potential.  He was there every step of the way, motivating and training me for NFL combines and during each NFL off season.  With his help, my speed, strength, and agility all improved to levels far beyond what I could have hoped for.  10+ years later, Ed continues to motivate and train me for 'life.'  While my current job as a hedge fund analyst doesn't require the same physical intensity as college or professional athletics, he has ensured my overall fitness level is still ready for the next challenge.  Whether it is a mountain bike race, basketball tournament, or overall strength, Ed is always there with modifications and pushing me to be the best I can be.  He has been a great companion from a fitness standpoint and in the process has become one of my closest friends."  

Chris Eitzmann
New England Patriots 2001-2002; Cleveland Browns 2002-2003
Putnam Investments (present) 


"Ed is not simply a personal a trainer.  Yes his workouts are innovative, dynamic and constantly push you to the next fitness level.  But lots of trainers do this.  Ed delivers a superior service in that he combines his extensive experience working with professional athletes and managing training programs for leading gyms with a commitment to a full lifestyle enhancement program.  It is commonplace for Ed to email me diet tips, workouts for when I am traveling or away from the office or just to check in when he knows I have something significant happening in my life.  He also on several occasions has generously setup appointments for me with renowned specialist physicians and physical therapists who I otherwise would be on a long waiting list to see.  Importantly Ed trains lots of business professionals like myself who have demanding career commitments with unpredictable lifestyles.  I believe this experience is a critical ingredient to how he manages my progress.  He seems to always know precisely when to push me physically, when to push me mentally and when just to lay off and do an intense workout alongside me.  This kind of awareness coupled with his superior knowledge of fitness, nutrition and general lifestyle management enable him to energize me when I need it most in the middle of my work day.  Finally of note Ed's sense of humor and relaxed communication style make his workouts fun and entertaining even though they are physically intense."

Dan Schiff
Managing Director
Northern Pines Capital


"I have been working out with Ed for nearly three years, and he has completely transformed the way I think about exercising.  Prior to working with him, I believed that 40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weights constituted a workout.  Ed’s approach, which incorporates a tailored mix of corrective motions, resistance training and conditioning, has opened my eyes to a different way of exercising, and has revamped the way I spend my time at the gym.  Whether I am skiing, hiking, or just walking around the city, the difference I now feel in my strength and energy levels is remarkable.  Ed’s philosophies, incredible attitude and approach transcend the gym, and have positively impacted the sense of balance I feel in work and in life generally." 

Melinda Barber
Raptor Capital Management